From surface finishing of HD aluminum substrate to hard-to-cut materical polishing, we offer varieties of products best fit to customers' requirements.

    Product Name Main Features Application
    PVA Elastic Grinding Stone


    With its high porosity and continuous pore structure that can hold finer abrasive grains, this PVA grindstone makes finished surface uniform to the accuracey required in precision polishing. Also, as this unique structure lowers heat generation and clogging, stable performance can be expected for longer time. Aluminum substrates for hard disc drives、soft metal components、copper rolls for gravure printing、aluminum rolls、painted surfaces、glass, and ordinary metals
    Product Name Main Features Appliation
    Abrasive Paper, Sanding Disc, Dry Paper Disc


    We are handling abrasive materials of Nippon Kenshi Co., Ltd. We respond to diverse industrial needs in applications and requirements even for polishing of hard-to-cut materials such as new ceramics and titanium alloy. Automobiles, furniture, musical instruments, home appliances, etc.