1904 Sadajiro Shima founded the Shima Company in Higashi-ku (now Chuo-ku), Osaka, as an importer-exporter and wholesaler.
1911 Established Tokyo Liaison Office.
1917 Established New York Office.
1919 Reorganized as a stock company.
Established Shima Trading Co., London.
1921 Reorganized as Shima Trading Co., Ltd.
1922 Started importation of Petrolatum from sonneborn & Sons, Inc., U.S.A.
1933 Sadajiro Shima & Soichiro Nishi appointed as representative director.
1935 Kinu Shima & Shigeru Yoshimura appointed as director.
1938 Established Tientsin Office in China
1939 Established Shanghai & Guangsong offices in China, and Bombay office in India.
1945 Shigeru Yoshimura appointed as a representative director.
1946 Masaru Mitsuda appointed as a representative director.
1951 Resumed importation of Petrolatum after the war.
Also started import of Liquid paraffin.
1953 Started handling epoxy resins of Shell Kagaku K.K.
1955 Started handling Microclistaline Wax from P.S.I. company, U.S.A. as an exclusive distributor.
1956 Established Nagoya Office.
Munetoshi Iguchi appointed as a chairman of the board.
1959 Started handling natural oil sulfonate from Sonneborn & Sons, Inc.
1963 Established Shima American Corporation in Illinois, U.S.A.
Participated in establishment of Japan Pharmaceutical Traders' Associaton.
1964 Established Shima Kosan Co. Ltd.
1971 Shintaro Yoshimura appointed as a representative director.
1977 Started distribution of polyurethane adhesives made by Takeda Chemical Co., Ltd. (then)
1979 Established Taipei Liaison Office.
1985 Reconstruction of Ginza Shima Building completed.
1990 Kazuo Kotani appointed as a representative director.
Started exportation of autobotive parts & equipments of Futaba Industry Co., Ltd.
1991 Reconstruction of Shima Building, Osaka, completed.
1992 Established Singapore office.
Started joint development of Lithium battery separator.
1994 Koshi Shima appointed as a representative director.
1996 Established Shanghai Liaison office.
1998 Converted Shanghai Liaison Office to Shima Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2000 Converted Singapore Branch Office to Shima Trading Singapore Pte., Ltd.
2001 Aquired ISO 14001 certification for all domestic Shima offices.
Established sales office in San Jose, U.S.A.
2002 Established Pacific Sunrise Holding Co., Ltd. in Thailand (49% joint venture)
Established Shima Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia.
2008 Established Measuring Equipment Showroom (current Tribology Lab) in Tokyo.
2010 Established Seoul Liaison office in Korea.
2013 Established Kobe Technical Center.
2014 Established PT. Shima Trading Indonesia.
2015 Shinichiro Taki appointed as a representative director.
Established Cosmetics Laboratory in Tokyo.
2018 Established Guangzhou Liaison office.
Established Functional Materials Laboratory in Osaka.
2019 Kazuki Takahashi appointed as a representative director.