Basic Principles of Our Compliance Policy

Since its founding, SHIMA has made “Creation and Innovation” its company motto. We strive to win the trust of our customers and contribute to society at the same time through our business activities.
As a trading house that deals with specialized products, our business spans the globe. The basic principle of our compliance policy is to comply with the laws and respect the different cultures of the countries that we do business with, thus contributing to the well-being of the greater global community.

The management of Shima views corporate governance and compliance as one of its most important business objectives. Being a socially responsible corporate citizen is a pre-requisite for a company to do business on a long term basis. Besides laws and regulations, we believe in upholding high standard of moral ethics while conducting business. That is the core value of our compliance policy.

Activities on the Compliance Policy

We conduct all of our business activities according to the following Compliance Policy:

【Compliance Policy】

  • To respect human rights. Discrimination and sexual harassment are strictly prohibited.
  • Not to participate in cartel) or unfair trade.
  • Not to unfairly compete, manufacture and sell contraband merchandise or acquire of trade unlawfully.
  • To obtain all licenses and permits required by law.
  • To Comply with trade laws and international agreements.
  • To promote global environment conservation proactively.
  • Not to infringe on others' intellectual property rights.
  • Bribery is strictly prohibited. Gifts or entertainment must be within the limit of socially accepted standards.
  • Contributions to antisocial organizations are prohibited.
  • To manage information conscientiously.
  • To ensure the proper use of information systems.
  • Insider trading is prohibited.
  • Transactions with conflict-of-interest are prohibited,
  • To ensure proper accounting, tax filing and disclosure of company information.

【Compliance Training】

In order to refresh and update our employees on the latest compliance policy and knowledge, our CSR Office will prepare a “CSR Training Program” at the beginning of every new fiscal year. Training will be conducted according to the program and results of the training will be consolidated and reported in the “CSR Training Report”.