Business Development & Promotion Division

We create value by applying unique
perspectives based on new knowledge
and technology to the solution of social issues.

We aim to offer new products that will help to solve social issues by pioneering product creation through our extensive networks in Japan and overseas.
Recently, we search and offer products that for agricultural and livestock materials/equipment targeting the primary industry which has scientific data and/or Empirical test data, and propose high-value-added proposals with high-quality products.

We use our engineering capabilities to create new added value.

We introduce highly-effective mycorrhizal inoculants “Rootella®” developed by Groundwork BioAg Ltd. Based in Israel.
It is expected that mycorrhizal inoculants form fungal myceria that help plants absorb soil nutrients and water reducing chemical fertilizer.
we have also offered UV water sterilization equipment for beverage manufacturing, aquaculture, and other applications.
This equipment features exposure level monitoring capabilities that allow users to confirm that water-borne microorganisms and viruses have been thoroughly inactivated.
For total customer peace of mind, our integrated services also include post-installation technical support.

Main Products

Non-GMO Mycorrhizal Fungus Inoculum
UV Water Sterilizer (HOD:Hydro Optic Disinfection System) by Atlantium

Our Solutions

We ensure access to quality foods by supplying safe, reliable, and functional ingredients.

Shima Trading supplies a wide range of ingredients for human and animal foods, including various types of starch, liquid sugars, organic acids, and emulsifiers. We specialize in particular in functional food ingredients used in general foods and pet foods.A key priority is the discovery of new ingredients through our extensive networks in Japan and overseas. We also offer products made possible by our own research capabilities, including the development and supply of safe, high-quality DHA oil produced through sustainable microalgae cultivation. We are able to supply evidential data about the safety and benefits of our raw materials.

Main Products

Fiber Gum Feed
(water-soluble dietary fiber derived from red deer plant)
Omegavie DHA400 Clear Algae
(DHA oil derived from algae)
Insect Protein

Our Solutions