Message from the President

Our corporate DNA of “Creation and Innovation” is the foundation for our continuing commitment to a brighter future for people and society.

President Chief Executive Officer

Kazuki Takahashi

For over a century, Shima Trading has worked to fulfill its company mission statement of “Creation and Innovation” by supplying a wide variety of products, especially chemicals, to customers in Japan and overseas. We take great pride in the diverse array of materials technology and expertise that we have built up during our long history. That knowledge is our most important management resource.
Today we use our management resources to supply products to industries ranging from
cosmetics to automotive parts. Our four business divisions, each of which specializes in a particular market segment, are constantly striving to create new and enhanced products that align with our customers’ development roadmaps through research in collaboration with the technical centers and laboratories attached to each division. We have actively strengthened our business operations through overseas expansion, starting with the establishment of offices in the United States and Europe shortly after the company’s founding. In recent years, we have expanded our supply chains in the United States, China, and the Asian region to support global expansion initiatives by our customers.
This is a time of far-reaching social change. I believe that the real value of our company
mission—Creation and Innovation—is most clearly demonstrated in times of rapid change. Of particular significance in recent years has been the emergence of a tendency to assess companies’ products and activities according to their capacity to address global environmental problems and social issues, such as safety, security, and health, as evidenced by an increased focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) indicators and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We see the growing interest in these aspects among our stakeholders as a growth opportunity. Our commitment to respond more proactively to
these concerns is reflected in our new slogan: “Find, Design & Create.” Shima Trading will continue to evolve as a company that can address new customer needs and social issues and help to build a brighter future for people and society by contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through our products and business activities.