Top Commitment

In order for an enterprise to persist for ever, it must be well accepted by the whole society and coexist alongside it .

Our company’s creed is “Creation and Innovation”. This is a spirit to fuse new value creation to match the era with good old traditions without just relying on the long lasting history of the company. We believe that it is the essence of CSR activities to deliver our customers safe and high quality commodities, information and new values which are created based on our rich experiences cultivated by the traditions in its long history. In this way we will contribute to the society.

As our “Corporate Code of Conduct”, we established our “Basic Philosophy”, “Corporate Ethics Charter” and “CSR Policy” on May 1st, 2018. We have set the compliance, the core of these conducts, as one of the upmost management tasks. Drawing up the “Compliance Rules” for establishing awareness on the compliance, we attach importance to schooling of the employees.

We believe we must be well accepted by the whole society and coexist with it to survive for ever. We make every effort to enhance our company’s value which is contribution to the society by building credence among the stakeholders and fulfilling their expectations.

Kazuki Takahashi
President and CEO
Shima Trading Co., Ltd.