History of Shima

*This is a movie made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company's founding.(Japanese)

Main event1904:Russo-Japanese War 1914:World War I 1920:Taisho Depression
37th year of the Meiji Era

Founded by Sadajiro Shima in Awajicho, Higashi-ku (currently Chuo-ku), Osaka. Under the tutelage of Dr. Yoshimi Hiraga, a chemist, engineer, and educator who made a great contribution to the modernization of Japanese industry, Shima Shoten was established with the aspiration that the Japanese themselves should began to conduct international trade, which had been dominated by foreign trading houses, and to contribute to economic development.

38th year of the Meiji Era

Moved to Koraibashi in Higashi-ku (currently Chuo-ku). The products handled at the time were chemicals and hardware (tinplates, iron wires, etc.), but the first product handled was a starch paste. After that, products branded with high-quality paper imported from England were also sold.

44th year of the Meiji Era

Established Tokyo Liaison Office.

5th year of the Taisho Era

Established Nippon Glass Industry Co., Ltd. The company imported Owens automatic bottle making machine and started manufacturing beer bottles. It contributed greatly to the development of the bottle manufacturing industry, where hand-blown manufacturing was the mainstream at the time. The scope of business expanded, and the products handled were diverse, including starch pastes, machinery, steel, blankets, glass, heavy oil, foodstuffs, and medical raw materials. Remington's hunting rifles and Overland's automobiles were also imported.

6th year of the Taisho Era

Opened New York office.

7th year of the Taisho Era

Established Shima Motor Co., Ltd. At that time, there were about 7,000 automobiles in Japan, but about 100 were imported annually. The business was later taken over by Nissin Motor Company.

8th year of the Taisho Era

Reorganized as Shima Shoten Co., Ltd. Established Nichibei Sheet Glass, which later became Nippon Sheet Glass. At that time, the batch-type cylindrical method was the mainstream method for manufacturing flat glass, but we introduced the automatic continuous manufacturing method of Owens. It was adopted for the window glass of the Tokyo Marunouchi Building at that time.
Established a local subsidiary in London.

Main Event1923:The Great Kanto Earthquake 1929:Great Depression
10th year of the Taisho Era

Reorganized as Shima Trading Co., Ltd.

11th year of the Taisho Era

Imported petrolatum for medical use from Sonneborn LLC, USA. This was the beginning of the lubricating distillate refined product business that continues to this day, such as liquid paraffin, wax, and petroleum sulfonate.

3rd year of the Showa Era

Participated in the establishment of Nippon Volatile (currently JGC). Also carried out bulk imports of heavy oil.

8th year of the Showa Era

Sadajiro Shima and Ichiro Nishishimo became representative directors.

10th year of the Showa Era

Sadajiro Shima passed away suddenly. Kinu Shima follows her husband's will and became a director, protecting the business as its spiritual pillar.

Shigeru Yoshimura assumed the position of director.

13th year of the Showa Era

Opened Tianjin branch office.

14th year of the Showa Era

Opened offices in Shanghai, Qingdao and Guangdong. Established a branch in Bombay.

Main Event1941:Pacific War begins 1945:End of World War II
1958:Construction of Tokyo Tower completed
16th year of the Showa Era

All the international trade was cut off due to Pacific War.

20th year of the Showa Era

Lost all overseas bases and commercial rights due to the defeat in war. At the end of the war, the entire company had less than 20 employees, but efforts toward recovery began.

Shigeru Yoshimura was elected as representative director.

21st year of the Showa Era

Masaru Mitsuda was elected as representative director.

25th year of the Showa Era

Private trade, which had not been permitted after the war, was resumed.

26th year of the Showa Era

Resumed import of petrolatum. It was used in antibiotic ointment bases and cream bases. Import of liquid paraffin also started, and it began to be used for various purposes such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

28th year of the Showa Era

Started sales of epoxy resin as an agent of Shell Chemical Co., Ltd. Expanded the handling of various curing agents. Production of compounded resins "Acmex" and "Acmelite" was started at Nihon Gosei Kako Co., Ltd. This became the starting point for the subsequent development of synthetic resin-related materials.

30th year of the Showa Era

Imported wax as sole agent of P.S.I. (currently Sonneborn LCC). It was used as an adhesive for moisture-proof packaging and as an impregnated insulating material for paper capacitors. At that time, it was also used as a chewing gum base.

31st year of the Showa Era

Opened Nagoya Sales Office.

Munetoshi Iguchi was elected as chairman of the board.

32nd year of the Showa Era

Started importing Amalie motor oil. The brand is still maintained for professionals and hobbyists.

34th year of the Showa Era

Imported natural petroleum sulfonate from Sonneborn. Started sales as a textile oil agent, detergent dispersant for lubricating oil, rust preventive/emulsifier for metal working oil, etc. It is still used in major oil products.
Established a representative office in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Searched for a full-fledged base in North America

Main Event1964:Tokyo Olympics, Opening of the Tokaido Shinkansen 1971:Dollar Shock
1973、1979:Oil Shock
38th year of the Showa Era

Established US subsidiary Shima American Corp. in Chicago. Revive the overseas bases lost at the end of the war and take a new step as a trading company, with mainly drive system products from Japan, such as bearings, chains, and V-belts. Shima American was the first Japanese subsidiary in Illinois.
In line with the purpose of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, which is to ensure the safety of imported pharmaceutical raw materials, we have made efforts to establish the Japan Pharmaceutical Trade Association (a testing and inspection agency designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare). Served on the board of directors.

39th year of the Showa Era

Established Shima Kosan Co., Ltd. Manage the operation of owned real estate.

41st year of the Showa Era

Moved the Osaka head office to the current Yodoyabashi location.

46th year of the Showa Era

Shintaro Yoshimura assumed the position of president. Started expanding sales of urethane-based adhesives as an agent of Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (at that time).

49th year of the Showa Era

The company was involved in a large-scale bankruptcy of a business partner and incurred a large amount of debt, but overcame it with its creditworthiness and the efforts of all employees. What we learned about the severity of management was to be useful in dealing with the bubble economy later.

51st year of the Showa Era

Conducted joint development of WITCO's rust inhibitor SACI. It has been adopted as a heavy anti-corrosion paint for vehicles exported to Europe and the United States.

52nd year of the Showa Era

Started sales of urethane-based adhesives (film laminates for food packaging) of Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (at that time). Achieved top share in the industry. Together with coating equipment and resin films, it became the main product for the food packaging market.

54th year of the Showa Era

Established a base in Taipei, Taiwan.

55th year of the Showa Era

Focusing on Kanebo’s (at that time) PVA products, expanded into the automotive and semiconductor fields. Currently, it is used as a highly absorbent material in fields such as medical equipment and polishing aluminum discs.

Main Event1990:Reunification of East and West Germany 1992:Bubble burst 1995:The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
60th year of the Showa Era

Completion of "Ginza Shima Building".

2nd year of the Heisei Era

Joint development of ceramic coating agents with paint manufacturers and processing manufacturers. It has been commercialized in various fields such as housing exterior wall materials, road lighting reflectors, and far-infrared products, leading to the current room-temperature curing coating agents.

Started exporting automobile parts and equipment for Futaba Industry. We have established a cooperative system for setting up overseas bases, importing and exporting, offshore V to V delivery, etc., and have reached the present.

Kazuo Kotani assumed the position of president.

3rd year of the Heisei Era

Osaka "Shima Building" completed. Completed renovation of the company building.

4th year of the Heisei Era

The end of the bubble economy. The management policy of not engaging in speculation protected the company from the storm of the bursting of the bubble economy, and business performance remained stable. Steady management creates the foundation for subsequent development.

Opened Singapore branch. This marked the beginning of market development in Southeast Asia. Although it was a latecomer, it was blessed with suppliers/partners, and expanded sales of mainly oil products, abrasive materials, synthetic resins, etc. to Japanese companies throughout Southeast Asia.

Started joint development of separators for lithium batteries. This was the beginning of the current battery materials business.

6th year of the Heisei Era

Koshi Shima assumed the post of president.

8th year of the Heisei Era

Opened Shanghai Liaison Office.

10th year of the Heisei Era

Shanghai liaison office incorporated as Shima Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Market development has also started in China, with a focus on oil products. Currently, we also handle cosmetic raw materials and industrial parts.

12th year of the Heisei Era

Singapore branch incorporated as Shima Trading Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Main Event2001:the World Trade Center attack (9-11) 2011:Great East Japan Earthquake
13th year of the Heisei Era

Acquired ISO14001 certification at all offices in Japan.

Established a sales office in San Jose, USA.

14th year of the Heisei Era

Established Pacific Sunrise Holding Co., Ltd. in Thailand (49% investment). We have also established a distribution base for processing fluids, and are expanding our business to include resin-related products.

Established Shima Asia Pacific (M) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia. As a full-fledged sales base, it serves as a development base for markets south of Malaysia and India.

16th year of the Heisei Era

Became the sole import agent for PCS measurement equipment in the UK. An epoch-making tribology measuring device such as ultra-thin film thickness measurement of lubricating oil. Currently, it is being used for other purposes as well.

19th year of the Heisei Era

Became the general import agent for UV-absorbing microcapsules of Aquea Scientific in the United States.

20th year of the Heisei Era

Opened a measuring instrument showroom. Demonstration and sample testing of tribology measurement equipment and ultraviolet water sterilization equipment.

21st year of the Heisei Era

Became an import agent for CIT in France. Became a sole distributor for volatile silicone D5 substitute and anti-aging agent Fiflow.

22nd year of the Heisei Era

Opened Seoul Liaison Office. The handling of battery materials has expanded, and it has become an important base for market development of conductive materials such as carbon nanotubes, positive and negative electrode materials, and charge/discharge devices.

Became an import agent for Vantage in the United States. Became a sole agent in the personal care market for plant-derived raw materials.

Became an agent for FRX Polymers, Inc. in the United States, and started selling polymer-type phosphorus-based reactive flame retardants. Became sole agent for epoxy resin in Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and India. We have been developing applications for thermoplastic resins and thermosetting resins by imparting excellent flame retardancy.

23rd year of the Heisei Era

Became the general agent for carbon nanotube products of SZ SUSN in China. Started sales in both Japan and South Korea.

25th year of the Heisei Era

Opened Kobe Manufacturing and Analysis Center. Test analysis of pharmacopoeial liquid paraffin, started as a distribution center. We have expanded our facilities and personnel, and are now testing and analyzing imported products such as petrolatum.

26th year of the Heisei Era

Established PT.Shima Trading Indonesia in Indonesia. Started sales of automotive parts and processing oils.

27th year of the Heisei Era

Opened Cosmetics Lab. Prototypes and proposals for various tests and formulations.

Shinichiro Taki assumed the position of president and representative director.

30th year of the Heisei Era

Established a liaison office in Guangzhou, China. As the South China base of Shima Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., we have been working to enhance services in the southern region.

Established Functional Materials Laboratory. Started testing and research of anti-corrosion coating agents such as water-based inorganic paints. We aim to develop various functional materials.

1st year of the Reiwa Era

Kazuki Takahashi assumed the position of president.