CSR・環境活動 CSR & Environmental Activities


Basic Philosophy

SHIMA recognizes that conservation of global environment is one of the most crucial issues common to all humankind. When we conduct our business, we will always give due and careful considerations to the environment.

Basic Guideline

SHIMA makes every effort to minimize any negative impact of our business to the environment by paying meticulous attention to our commodities and services when we import, export, and domestically distribute. We also observe the following general rules with regard to environment issues:

  1. Environment conservation activities are carried out as a company-wide program.
  2. We improve our Environment Management System annually by reviewing the result of activities against the objectives and the targets set from both technical and financial perspectives.
  3. We commit to comply with environmental laws and regulations, arrangements we have agreed to, and our in-house rules/standards. We make every effort to conserve the environment and minimize pollution.
  4. We constantly strive to save energy and natural resources and minimize wastage.
  5. We work closely with our suppliers and service providers to ensure that we are as environment friendly as we can be.
  6. We will manage chemicals which are our prime commodities with care and responsibility.
  7. The management commits to educate all of our employees and those of our business partners about our environment policies and relevant information to raise their awareness on environmental conservation.
  8. We publicize this environment policy not only within the company but also to the general public.

Established on June 1st,2005