Fiber Gum Feed
(Acacia Plant Fiber/Gum Arabic)

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Fiber Gum Feed
(Acacia Plant Fiber/Gum Arabic)

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Maintaining the health of livestock animals with natural long-lasting prebiotic ingredients. It is expected to improve leaky gut symptomatic, improve and prevent diarrhea, and increase body weight!

【Thesis has been published in Animal Science Journal (ASJ)!】

Thesis was published in Animal Science Journal (published date: 2021.10.27)
You can search the article number from the following URL and see the summary.
English article title: "In vitro ruminal fermentation characteristics of gum arabic under concentrate and forage substrate conditions"
Thesis link:
Thesis number:DOI#:10.1111/asj.13651

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- Features of Fiber Gum Feed -

・GMO-free natural water-soluble dietary fiber extracted from the sap of acacia trees.
・"Sustained prebiotics" function
 It has also been confirmed to have a sustained superiority in the intestines compared to other prebiotic ingredients.
・Improved shape retention and protective properties of extruded products due to low viscosity and film strength
・Reduction of electric power load by improving lublicity of extruded products
・Listed in GRAS by the US FDA.

- Expected Functions -

Eat well!・Prevent intestinal troubles!・Beneficial bacteria increase!・Good maintenance of Intestinal villus! (nutrient absorption)

- Various Tests Cooperated with Universities -

We have verified the functions based on scientific data.
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