HOD System

Product Name

HOD System

Ultraviolet disinfection for water using a medium-pressure ultraviolet lamp. Monitoring radiation dose. Inverter that automatically maintains the set UV dose. Rust-Proof material (running test for 5 years in seawater). Record keeping of disinfection data. Effective against microorganisms, parasites, viruses, protozoa, and sessile organisms.

 The Atlantium UV disinfection is completely different from conventional UV disinfection, and has various advantages such as visualization of disinfection performance, high disinfection performance, and ease of maintenance.

1.Disinfection performance is visualized by the monitor

2.Reliable high disinfection performance against bacteria, viruses, and attached organisms using medium-pressure UV lamps

3.Disinfection with much higher performance than conventional ones (10⁻⁴~10⁻⁶)

4.Automatic detects transmittance and flow rate and changes irradiation amount

5.Effective against aquatic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, larvae and parasites

6.No photoreactivation

7.Saltwater resistance

8.Simple maintenance structure and internal cleaning

 An explanation of each difference is provided below.


1.Visualization of disinfection performance

By setting the required irradiation dose, MAX flow rate, and UV transmittance as initial values on the monitor screen, when these individual values change, the device automatically adjusts the output to the set values.
As a result, it is possible to confirm on the monitor that the treated water that has passed through the device is surely irradiated with the required irradiation dose.


2.Reliable high disinfection performance using medium pressure UV lamp

By using a medium-pressure UV lamp with high disinfection performance, it is possible to disinfect bacteria, viruses, and attached organisms reliably and in large volumes.


3.High performance disinfection

Certified by a third party according to the US EPA Validation Manual from 10⁻⁴ (virus) to 10⁻⁶ (MS2).


4.Automatic follow-up of irradiation dose

By monitoring the amount of UV irradiated and the UV transmittance of the treated water with two sensors, it automatically follows the conditions that change with the inverter.
In addition, the device itself has a very low-pressure loss structure, so even if the flow rate changes, it is difficult for short passes to occur, ensuring stable disinfection performance.


5.Effective for aquatic organisms

Atlantium's standard UV irradiation dose is set to 120mj/cm2, so most of the bacteria, viruses, larvae, and parasites that are problematic in fisheries can be treated.


6.No photoreactivation

Due to the wide wavelength range of the medium-intensity UV lamp, not only DNA and RAN thymine dimers, which can be processed at low pressure, but also the strong long wavelength of 280 nm to 300 nm causes protein organization. As a result, It is said that the photoreactivation reaction does not occur.
For this reason, Atlantium can provide reliable disinfection performance against viruses, larvae, and parasites.
Atlantium set up a test plant at the Setouchi Area Field Science Education Center, Takehara Station, Fisheries Research Station attached to the Graduate School of Hiroshima University, and Associate Professor Yasushi Okinaka at the Virus Control Project Research Center has conducted and confirmed a performance test of the equipment using nodavirus.


7.Saltwater resistance

The image below shows the condition of the device that has been using sand-filtered seawater for 5 years in Japan.
In addition, after one year of use, it can be confirmed that the dirt has been properly removed by cleaning the inside using a waste cloth.


8.Simple maintenance structure and internal cleaning

Since the device is in the form of a unit as shown in the figure below, it can be easily installed simply by connecting a simple piping work and a 200V three-phase power supply. At the same time, the equipment can be easily pulled out with casters, so internal cleaning can be easily performed in a short time.


10.Energy-saving and consumables

Because the device automatically adjusts the output according to the set required irradiation dose, only the required amount of power is consumed, resulting in significant power savings.
In addition, since the load on the lamp is reduced, the lamp life can be managed according to the required irradiation amount, and the frequency of lamp replacement is reduced.