Introduction page of manufacturing equipment and evaluation equipment

Manufacturing equipment
Vacuum emulsifier Primix/
Adihomomixer® 2M-1 type
It is a compact vacuum emulsifying and dispersing machine suitable for formulating cosmetics, and can emulsify and knead creams and ointments without entraining air bubbles.
(Paddle 20-150rpm, homomixer 1400-12000rpm, processing volume ~1L)
Evaluation equipment
Skin image analyzer. Canfield Scientific/
VISIA Evolution
Spots, wrinkles, pores, color unevenness, porphyrins, hidden spots, melanin index and hemoglobin index can be evaluated.
Skin measuring equipment Courage+Khazaka/
Cutometer® DUAL MPA580
Corneometer:Water content of the skin (stratum corneum) can be measured.
Sebumeter: Amount of sebum can be measured.
Cutometer: Skin viscoelasticity (tension/elasticity) can be measured.
Tevameter: Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) can be measured.
Fluxiometer: Smoothness of materials and formulations can be evaluated.
Foam measuring equipment KRUSS/
Dynamic Form Analyzer
Foaming power, foam size, foam stability, etc. can be evaluated.
Static friction measuring equipment Trinity Lab/
Slippage on the hair surface, slippage after applying cosmetics, stickiness, etc. can be evaluated.