【ULTIMID 3000S】Bismaleimide resin with low dielectric properties and flexibility

Product Name

【ULTIMID 3000S】Bismaleimide resin with low dielectric properties and flexibility

[Demand in the field of electronic materials.]A new bismaleimide resin varnish that combines low dielectric properties with flexibility. Samples can be provided.

ULTIMID 3000S" manufactured by ABC NANOTECH CO., LTD. is a Bismaleimide oligomer with low dielectric properties, which is not hydrolyzed by acid and has stable heat resistance properties.

Aliphatic bismaleimide oligomer in toluene solution
Low temperature (170°C) curing is possible with peroxide catalysts, etc. 
Can be used to make films in an uncured state.
Can be hybridized with other materials such as epoxy resins.

【Features of cured products】
Cured material has excellent electrical properties. Permittivity : 2.4 Dielectric loss tangent : 0.0016 (10GHz)
High flexibility due to aliphatic structure.
Low water absorption compared to other bismaleimide resins. Water absorption: 0.045%. 
High heat resistance; 5% weight loss temperature: 436°C
Cure shrinkage: 0.1%.
Low transmission loss (2.5db at 5cm standard, 3.9~4.0db for LCP)

◇◇ With the spread of 5G communications, we expect to see application to various components in high-frequency applications.

【Basic Information】
Product name: ULTIMID 3000S (toluene solution)
Packing: 18kg bottle
Distinction between single component and mixture: Mixture
Physical State: Viscous liquid
Fire Service Law: Hazardous material, Class IV, Petroleums No.1 (Non-water soluble liquid), Hazardous Rank II

Copper clad laminates
Flexible circuit boards
Bonding sheets
Various film base materials

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