Soft Robot Hands - Flexible Gripper

Product Name

Soft Robot Hands - Flexible Gripper

SRT Soft hand that grips and holds just like a human hand using Pneumatic Control Module. This module can smoothly and precisely grip products of various shapes, sizes, weights, and materials.

Food, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Electronic components, Automated assembly lines, 
and AI-utilized warehouses.

The hand gently grabs the object like a human hand without damaging it, and it is safe and secure
even when directly touching food products.

Working speed: 300 CPM max
Reciprocating positioning accuracy: 0.08mm
Maximum load: 7 kg
Limit load: 10 kg
Standard working life span: 1 million times, and can satisfy the demand of most manufacturing sites.
Standards and certifications: FDA, AP, JFSL370

This module has no complicated moving mechanism and can be operated with a simple pneumatic
control circuit and are designed simplifies installation, debugging, and maintenance to the maximum.

■High accuracy
■Cost perfomance