Product Name



SonneNatural (patent pending), a petrolatum-like cosmetic ingredient that uses only naturally-derived ingredients, is a new item that can be used for multiple purposes. It has the feel and emollient properties of petrolatum with creamy, cushiony smooth properties. This new product is soft, transparent, and has just the right amount of luster.

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Ideal for prescription of petrolatum free
Good stretch 
Refreshing feeling without stickiness

Representative properties


SonneNatural S-205

Penetration ASTM D937 170 225
Melting point ASTM D127 52℃ 43℃
Color (Lovibond 2) IP 17 2.0 Y 1.1 Y


Photostability: No change in color or odor (field test in the US, about 2 years)
Thermal stability: 50℃, 3 months
Emollient effect
100% naturally derived, no antioxidants are contained.

Formulation examples

Hand and body lotion
Face cream
Ultraviolet (SPF) products / Lip care products
Scalp care product / Scalp protectant
Massage cream
Body cleanser
APDO products

Label Name / INCI Name

Label Name: Vegetable oil
INCI Name: Vegetable Oil (Olus Oil - EU)