Alginate Compound

Product Name

Alginate Compound

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We propose functional products made from natural materials using alginic acid derived from seaweed. Based on the viscosity adjustment function of alginic acid compounds, it can be blended into various functional materials.

Proposal Example

Adding water resistance to paper products such as paper straws

Binder for house wall material using only natural materials

Adding water resistance to the film after drying the water-based coating material

Shortening of drying time for water-based coating materials

Original blended product with other natural ingredients

Adding bactericidal properties, water resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, etc. to the viscosity adjustment function of alginic acid compounds

When considering blending of natural materials, adding functional materials to be added based on alginic acid compounds.

Representative Product

Characteristic Application

Alginate compound

Food additive

Comforts to Japanese Standards

Viscosity modifier

Coating material



For alginic acid coating

Natural coating material

Food coating

Water resistance for paper straws and paper products

Water-soluble resin waterproof coating

Derived from Natural Raw Materials

Alginic acid compounds, which are seaweed extracts, are used as safe materials for medical and
cosmetic applications in addition to food and industrial products.