Polystyrene Sulfonic Acid/Derivative

Product Name

Polystyrene Sulfonic Acid/Derivative

It has excellent physical stability and heat resistance, and exhibits strong dispersing and antistatic properties. We offer a wide range of grades for various applications.

Description of Product

VERSA-TL®VERSA-TL® and NARLEX® are water-soluble anionic polymers. A sulfonated polystyrene polymer with excellent physical stability and heat resistance, as well as strong dispersing and antistatic properties.

VERSA-TL® and NARLEX® have been commercialized by NSC in the United States and have already been used for more than 40 years in many industrial fields such as textiles, photography, water treatment, and petroleum mining.

VERSA-TL® and NARLEX® are available in two forms, powder and liquid, and various neutralized types.
In addition, there are many variations with molecular weights ranging from 1 to 1,000,000.

Physical Properties

An anionic polyelectrolyte with a high degree of sulfonation

Excellent antistatic effect

Excellent thermal stability with a thermal decomposition temperature of 350℃ or higher

The effect of converting the crystal structure of various inorganic salts

A large amount of metal oxide dispersion

High dispersing power for various pigments

Usage Features

A powerful effect can be obtained with a small amount of use

Excellent physical and chemical stability

Excellent stability in a wide pH range

Can be used as a viscosity modifier for water-soluble polymers

Easily soluble in both cold and hot water

Withstands long-term storage.

Low toxicity

Application Example

Scale control agent for water treatment

Pigment dispersant

Antistatic coating agent for paper and plastic

Thickener for water-soluble polymers such as gelatin

Sludge dispersant for air washing water

Characteristic dispersant

High performance cement water reducing agent

Mud dispersant for drilling

Protective colloids and surfactants for emulsion particles

Synthesis of conductive polymer and dispersion stabilizer

VERSA-TL® NARLEX® Product List

Trade name Chemistry Molecular weight Concentration (%) pH Viscosity(mpa)
VERSA-TL3 SSMA-Na 20,000 Powder 6.0(30%solution) 100
Fujistat YE920 SSMA-Na 20,000 30 8.5 <50
Fujistat YE908 SPS-NH4 10,000 10 6.0 - 8.0 5 - 50
Fujistat YE918 SPS-Li 10,000 10 7.0 - 8.0 5 - 50
VERSA-TL72 SPS-Acid 75,000 18 <3.0 5 - 50
Fujistat YE915 SPS-NH4 75,000 15 6.0 - 8.0 5 - 50
Fujistat YE910 SPS-Li 75,000 15 6.0 - 8.0 5 - 50
VERSA-TL70 SPS-Na 75,000 Powder 4.0 - 8.0(30%solution) 100
VERSA-TL77 SPS-Na 75,000 30 4.0 150
VERSA-TL125 SPS-NH4 200,000 30 4.0 150
VERSA-TL130 SPS-Na 200,000 30 7.0 N/A
VERSA-TL132 SPS-Na 200,000 Powder N/A N/A
VERSA-TL501 SPS-Na 1,000,000 25 7.0 N/A
VERSA-TL502 SPS-Na 1,000,000 Powder 5.0 - 9.0(10%solution) 150
NARLEXD72 SSMA-Na 20,000 Powder 5.0 - 7.0(30%solution) <100

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