Omegavie Marine Series
(Refined fish oil containing DHA/EPA)

Product Name

Omegavie Marine Series
(Refined fish oil containing DHA/EPA)

Made by Polaris, a French company.
Purified fish oil with low odor and high oxidation stability thanks to a patented manufacturing method that uses the unique oxidation-retarding technology, QUALITYSILVERⓇ.

Features of Polaris DHA/EPA

Unique QUALITYSILVER manufacturing method achieves high oxidation stability and reduction of burp

Abundant product lineup with DHA and EPA content ranging from 10% to 80%

High-content grade reduces the compounding amount, enabling flexible product planning

Stable quality and color by selecting fish species

Quality Control by Polaris

European standards for endocrine disruptors and heavy metals
We set strict raw material acceptance standards to manufacture high-quality and safe products.

Raw material traceability
Acquired "Friend of the sea" certification for sustainable use of marine resources.

Polaris complies with catch limits and obtains various environmental protection certifications.

Diverse Product Lineup for Various Applications

OMEGAVIE DHA 70 TG QualitySliver Ice (DHA70%)

OMEGAVIE EPA 70 TG QualitySilver Ice (EPA70%)

OMEGAVIE EPA/DHA 1050 TG QualitySliver Ice (EPA10% / DHA50%)

OMEGAVIE EPA/DHA 3030 TG QualitySliver Ice (EPA30% / DHA30%)

OMEGAVIE EPA/DHA 1812 TG QualitySliver Ice (EPA18% / DHA12%)