Omegavie Powder 100
(DHA/EPA-containing refined fish oil powder)

Product Name

Omegavie Powder 100
(DHA/EPA-containing refined fish oil powder)

This is a powdered product made from DHA/EPA-containing purified fish oil manufactured by Polaris from France.
"Omegavie Powder 100" has excellent emulsion stability and heat resistance, and can be used for various applications where DHA and EPA could not be used before.
Omega 3 content is 100mg/g.

Feature (1) : High Content and Oxidation Resistance

It contains 100mg/g or more of omega-3 fatty acids.
It is possible to describe on the product that it contains DHA and EPA.

It uses QUALITYSILVER, an oxidation retardation technology unique to Polaris.

Emulsified powder of fish oil with improved oxidative stability and reduced burp.

Excellent heat resistance
It can also be used for processed foods and baked sweets.

Feature (2) : Microcapsules

Microencapsulation by wrapping DHA and EPA with emulsifier
Excellent emulsification stability, expanding applications for beverages, etc.

Good workability in powder form
Compared to the conventional oil type, it is in a powder form that is easier to handle.

Application Example of "Omegavie Powder 100"

Health supplements such as tablets, bread, noodles, soup
Baked sweets, gummies, jelly, beverages
Pet food (pellets, jerky, pet milk)
(Available in 1kg pack.)