Granule Cons (Excipient for Orally Disintegrating Tablets)

Product Name

Granule Cons (Excipient for Orally Disintegrating Tablets)

Granulated Cons is granulated constarch used for disintegrating tablets for elderly. Oral disintegration time of granule cons is short, 25 seconds, keeping moldability and texture.

Characteristics of Granule Cons

■Sufficient hardness and intraoral disintegration time of 25 seconds with direct impact

■High fluidity and direct compression moldability

■Melting texture and smooth throat feeling when collapsed

Safe and Secure

■Conforms to pharmaceutical additive standards (corn starch granules)

■Use non-genetically modified (Non GMO) corn

■Made of 100% phaemacopoeia corn satarch

Comparison Data

Granule cons

Corn starch

Angle of repose 38degrees 48degrees
Hardness *1 88N 40N
Oral disintegration time*2 25seconds 8seconds

*1)Evaluated a tablet with a diameter of 8 mm which is made from only the excipient and pressuered shaping with a forceof 1000 kgf.

*2)For hardness, evalated by using a load cell type tablet hardness tester (PC-30)
   For oral disintegration time, mesuared by holding the tablet in the mouth.