Product Name


It has excellent low resistance, and high conductivity can be obtained by adding a small amount.

Detailed Explanation

Graphene is a new conductive aid that provides better conductivity with less addition than CB and CNT. The conductive network of surface contact is expected to have great potential for improving high-magnification charge-discharge characteristics. We mass-produce and supply sheet-shaped products with 10 layers or less (thickness of 15 nm or less) as a dispersion liquid.

Product Specifications (Graphene)

Trade Name ST-GR2 ST-GR3
Type Graphene Graphene
Number of layers 3~5layers 5~10layers
Diameter(μm) <15 <15
Resistance(Ω.cm) 3~8×10E5 3~8×10E5
BET (㎡/g) 400~500 400~500

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