Charge/Discharge Evaluation Device (Cycler)

Product Name

Charge/Discharge Evaluation Device (Cycler)

It is a device that evaluates the life characteristics of cells, and is also an indispensable device for cell design. We can also provide a single unit according to the specifications required by each customer.

【Detailed Explanation】

A device that can evaluate the life characteristics of battery cells under various temperature and humidity environments. It is a precision evaluation device indispensable for battery design, not only for battery manufacturers, but also for battery material manufacturers and automobile manufacturers. We handle devices from Japanese and Korean manufacturers, and we can customize them to meet the needs of our customers.

【Device Configuration】

【Cycler Lineup】

Model Voltage Current Number of CHs Size(WDH, mm)
PECC05-03 0~5V 3/1/0.3A


PECC05-06 0~5V 6/3/1A 128 600×1200×2000
PECC05-10 0~5V 10/5/1A 128 600×1200×2000
PECC05-20 0~5V 20/10/2A 64 800×1200×2000
PECC05-30 0~5V 25/15/3A 64 800×1200×2000

【Lineup of All-Battery Charging/Discharging Equipment】

Application Coin cell, material examination Cell


High output High output High output Module Module
Type Fast charge Play Fast charge Play
Voltage Range Up to 5V Up to 5V Up to 5V Up to 5V Up to 5V Up to 5V 10~100V 10~150V
Voltage Range Up to 1A Up to 25A Up to 25A Up to 1000A Up to 1000A Up to 1000A Up to 300A Up to 300A


Item Specification
Interface IEEE802.3(LAN)
Control mode CC, CV,CP, CR
PC software CTS_PRO series
Voltage Accuracy ±0.05%F.S
Resolution 16Bit
Current Accuracy ±0.1%
Resolution 16Bit
Number of current ranges Max. 3 ranges
Control interval 100/1000ms
Current rising time <10ms
Input voltage 3-phase220V、50/60Hz

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