Dynamic Friction Tester (DF Tester)

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Dynamic Friction Tester (DF Tester)

There are many devices for measuring the slip resistance of road surfaces, but the D.F. tester is easy to handle, does not cause individual differences in measurement, can be used to measure in narrow places, and can measure the slip resistance of road surfaces in a single measurement. It has the advantage of being able to grasp the relationship between and speed. It is used not only in Japan but also overseas by a wide range of institutions such as research institutes such as universities, road companies, automobile manufacturers, and tire manufacturers.


Time required for measurement is short and handling is easy. Used by connecting to a PC.
It is easy to carry and can be transported by van, pickup truck, or SUV.
Can be used simply by connecting to the vehicle power supply (cigar socket).

Correlation between speed and friction coefficient is directly output.
Replacing the rubber slider is easy. The rubber slider uses materials that comply with ASTM E501 and E524 tires.

Includes a thickness gauge that allows to see at a glance when to replace the rubber slider.
Uses 12V DC power supply. AC/DC converter available. (AC/DC converter sold separately.)

It is possible to calculate IFI (International Friction Index) by combining with CT meter.

【Appropriate Road Surface】

Paved highways, general roads, runways

Paved pedestrian roads and bicycle roads



Other surfaces

【Measurement Principle】

A rubber slider is attached to a disk that is parallel to the road surface to be measured, and the disk is rotated and pressed against the measurement surface with a constant load.
At this time, the slip resistance acting on the rubber pad is measured, and the value divided by the load is recorded as the slip resistance coefficient.
The disk gradually reduces the rotation speed due to resistance. This speed is also measured and the relationship between the slip resistance coefficient and speed is displayed.


Japanese patent: Patent No. 4376122 Patent No. 4562331
US patent: US 4594878
German patent: DE 3423116 C2
Domestic trademark: NIPPODFT

【Body Specifications / Accessories】

【Body specifications】
Size 460mm(D)x505mm(W)x305mm(H)
Weight Net weight - 22 kg
Body + case weight - 35 kg
Load 11.8 N/slider
Measuring radius 142 mm
Measurement speed 15 ~ 80 km/h
Coefficient of friction ~1.2
Accuracy ±3 %
Power supply 12 V DC
Operation Microsoft® Windows 10
Operating software CD 1
Power cable 1
USB cable 1
Rubber slider 30 (10set)
Spare fuse 20A 1
Water supply tank 1
Water supply hose 1
Thickness gauge 1
*PC is not included.

【Pictures of Actual Measurement】