PU Sponge

Product Name

PU Sponge



A special polyurethane sponge that has a fine continuous pore structure, excellent water absorption, heat resistance, and chemical resistance, and can be used in a wide range of environments.


It is a special polyurethane sponge with a continuous pore structure that has fine texture, soft texture, excellent water absorption, water retention, and abrasion resistance, and is resistant to hydrolysis.

As it can be provided in the form of a roller, sheet or block, it can be used in various production equipment and equipment.

It has a hardness not found in PVA sponges, and can remove foreign substances that are sticking to the workpiece.

Unlike PVA sponge, it is soft even when dry, has water absorption and retention, and is excellent in maintainability.

Excellent heat resistance, can be used even in 100°C environments and 100°C hot water.


Cleaning: Hard disks, glass substrates for FPD, etc.
Water absorption/liquid absorption: glass, printed circuit board, lead frame, metal parts, resin, film, condensation inside equipment
Coating: resin/film (release agent, antistatic agent), paper (water-soluble adhesive), metal (oil)
Protective material: optical parts, precision parts

Basic Physical Properties

Item Physical property value
Average pore size (μm) 25
Apparent density(g/cm3) 0.21
Porosity (%) 83
C hardness (roller/sheet) 11/7
Water retention rate (%) 400
Heat resistance (air)(℃) 130
Heat resistance (water)(℃) 100

*The values of basic physical properties are reference values, not guaranteed values.

Standard Dimensions (mm)

Sheet  :  480 x 270 x 1~24 mm (Thickness is available in 1mm increments.)
Roller    : Outer diameter A x inner diameter B x length C x core length D mm

Outer diameter A

Inner diameter B

length C

Core length D
40 22(16) 600 660
50 26(20) 600 660
60 26(20)



Inner diameterB:PVC core inner diameter

*Various processing (punching, cutting, polishing, etc.) is possible. If you have a desired shape, size, etc., please contact us.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical name Chemical resistance
Sulfuric acid 35% or less
Hydrochloric acid 15% or less
Nitric acid 5% or less
Phosphoric acid 35% or less
Sodium hydroxide 1% or less
Methyl ethyl ketone ×
Methyl cellosolve ×
Toluene ×
Liquid paraffin
Silicone oil

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