Sonneborn LLC’s liquid paraffin

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Sonneborn LLC’s liquid paraffin

Sonneborn LLC in the United States is one of the world's leading liquid paraffin suppliers with a history of over 100 years, and we have been importing and selling their products for many years as a sole agent in Japan.

What is liquid paraffin

Liquid paraffin, also called mineral oil, is an odorless, colorless and transparent oil obtained by distilling and refining the lubricating oil fraction of petroleum. It is chemically stable, non-volatile and water-insoluble at room temperature, does not oxidize under normal usage conditions, and does not discolor over time. It is biologically stable, does not allow skin disease-causing bacteria to propagate, and has excellent hygienic characteristics.

Since highly refined Sonneborn LLC's liquid paraffin is harmless to the human body and has very low skin irritation, it has been used as the main ingredient in baby oil for many years. In addition to such safety and stable physical properties, it is easy to formulate with other materials, therefore it is widely used not only in cosmetics but also in pharmacopeia products and quasi-drugs such as the base material for patch medicines.

In the cosmetics and personal care industries, Sonneborn LLC's liquid paraffin is widely used as a blending base and additive for various products due to its excellent permeability, good spreadability, and ease of emulsification. increase. Here, we introduce typical applications and grades.

Applications and Product Grades



Viscosity 55


Viscosity 70


Viscosity 350

Baby oil

Sun lotion

Sun oil

Cold cream

Moisturizing cream

Hand cream

Hair care products

Eye makeup products


Makeup remover


*Cosmetics label name: Mineral oil

*Compliant with Standards for Quasi-drug Ingredients


We have been handling this product in Japan since the 1950s, and offer a wide range of grades from low to high viscosity.
In addition, we have set up a joint development system at the "Cosmetics Lab", a laboratory for formulation research, and experts with many years of experience will respond to customers.
We look forward to your inquiry.