Electrode Manufacturing Equipment

Product Name

Electrode Manufacturing Equipment

Equipment for manufacturing electrode plates (positive and negative electrodes) for lithium-ion secondary batteries.

Detailed Explanation

Lithium-ion secondary batteries come in cylindrical, square, and pouch (laminate) types depending on the end use. The electrode manufacturing methods and equipment used in the battery types are also different. We can handle all battery types and provide comprehensive solutions by designing production lines to meet diverse customer needs.

Electrode Production Line Overview

Main Electrode Production Line Configuration

1)Mixer Manufacture electrode slurry by mixing positive electrode active material, binder, organic solvent, dispersant, etc.
2)Coater Apply electrode slurry to copper foil or aluminum foil.
3)Slitter Cut to a certain width according to battery specifications.


Product Specifications

Coating Width Max.650mm
Coating Accuracy ±1.5%(Dry)
Machine Speed Max.650m/min
Drying Type Roll Supporting Type
Coating Speed 0.5-20m/min
Drying Zone 3m×5zone×2Floor=30m
Coating Type Micro Gravure Type
Heating Source Electric Heater
Coating Mode Continuous & Intermittent
Dimension 35.0m(L)×5.8m(W)×6.0m(H)
Coating Thickness Max.20㎛(One Side)
Delivery 6 months

Contact: Mobility Materials Equipment, Tokyo(03-3546-3361)