Battery Assembly Equipment

Product Name

Battery Assembly Equipment

Battery materials such as electrode plates (positive and negative electrodes), separation membranes, and electrolytes are placed in cases (cylindrical, square, pouch) and assembled into various forms of battery cells.

Detailed Explanation

We have a track record of delivering to major battery manufacturers for several years on assembly lines for all types of batteries, including cylindrical, square, and pouch (laminate) batteries. It also supports batteries. We also offer customized products that meet diverse customer needs.

Overview of the Assembly Line

Main Assembly Line Configuration

1)Winding machine Create a Jelly Roll by rolling the positive electrode, negative electrode, and separation membrane.
2)Inserting machine Insert the Jelly Roll into the case.
3)Welder Weld electrode and lid (bottom, top).
4)Electrolyte injection machine Electrolyte is injected into the welded battery.

Actual Example (Cylindrical)

Product Specifications: Cells/Min

TYPE Available Capacity(Cells/Min)
18650 150,200,220,300
21700 150,200,220,301
Other Customization

Line Area:6200cm×450cm250cm
Required Electric Powder:140kW
Compressed Air:4m2/Min

Contact: Mobility Materials Equipment, Tokyo(03-3546-3361)