Battery Forming Equipment (Formation)

Product Name

Battery Forming Equipment (Formation)

Processing process before modularization from battery cells. The performance of the battery cells can be maximized, contributing to the performance balance and stabilization of each battery cell.

Detailed Explanation

A battery that has completed the assembly process may look complete, but it is not in a state where it can perform 100%. Cylindrical, square, and pouch (laminate) batteries must all be charged and discharged in the formation process to improve battery performance. Batteries that have undergone the formation process have little variation in performance, and can exhibit stable capacity and output when assembled into modules. Leveraging our track record of delivering to major battery manufacturers, we provide high-efficiency, high-performance formation equipment that meets the various needs of our customers.

Overview of Chemical Conversion Process

Illustration - PNE SOLUTION

Product Specifications

Detailed item Specifications
Interface IEEE802.3(LAN)
Control mode CC, CV, CC/CV, OCV
PC software CTS Series
Voltage Error range ±0.05%F.S
Precision 16bit
Current Error range ±0.1%
Precision 16bit
Current range per channel Max. 2 ranges
Control interval 500/1000ms
Current arrival time <200ms
(reaching 10% to 80% of specified value)
Input power Single phase, 3 phase 220Vac 50/60Hz

・Current range: 100mA-600mA
・Simultaneous evaluation of multiple channels
・Automatic production in on-line mode

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