Sodium Alginate

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Sodium Alginate

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We introduce sodium alginate derived from seaweed for use in cosmetics.
We propose formulations for various cosmetics as organic materials.

What is Sodium Alginate

It is a natural water-soluble vegetable fiber extracted from brown algae such as kelp, wakame seaweed, hijiki, mozuku, and sargassum. Alginic acid itself is water-insoluble, but alginate becomes water-soluble after reacting with sodium.


The structure of alginic acid is a straight-chain polymer in which two kinds of uronic acids, mannuronic acid and guluronic acid, are randomly connected. Structural units in which two types of uronic acids are linked together are called M blocks, G blocks, and random blocks, depending on the composition of the uronic acids. The gelling properties of alginate are determined. Since the composition ratio (M/G ratio) of these blocks changes depending on the type and part of the original algae, it is possible to adjust it by carefully selecting the raw materials used.


Naturally derived organic materials

Achievements in various cosmetics

Viscosity adjustment function and high emulsification stability

Long-term stability (preservation) and easy original formulation with other materials

Typical Application

Application Function


Foundation Binder


Emulsion Emulsifier


Non-separate sedimentation

Hair care Thickener Viscosity adjustment
Pack / Gel Thickener Viscosity adjustment

Derived from Natural Raw Materials

The sodium alginate of "Maiko-no-Kouhara" is a 100% organic functional material.
Brown algae landed in Canada and Australia are processed at factories with ISO22000 and ISO9001 certifications, and are used as safe materials for food and quasi-drug applications.