Liponic EG-1

Product Name

Liponic EG-1

What is Liponic EG-1

Liponic EG-1 is a 26 molar ethoxylate of glycerin. It is a multifunctional ingredient that can be used as a humectant, solubilizer, co-emulsifier, and skin conditioning agent, and it also works as a dispersant, antiblocking agent, viscosity modifier, plasticizer, foam modifier, and an excellent lubricant. It can also be used as a butylene glycol substitute.

Functions of Liponic EG-1

For skin care applications, Liponic EG-1 provides excellent skin moisturization due to its moisturizing and film-forming properties. Other key benefits include reduced application time, smooth and soft feel, improved emulsion appearance, and solubilizing properties for powdered active ingredients and pigments.

Liponic EG-1 imparts a smooth, elegant feel without the stickiness associated with glycerin. When used in combination with glycerin or butylene glycol, it lends elegance to formulations as it reduces stickiness and improves overall skin feel.

In surfactant systems, Liponic EG-1 has foam volume and density enhancing properties, which also provides benefits in cleansing performance. Numerous studies for sulfate-free body washes and shampoos without sulfides have shown this effect.

Moisturizing Performance of Liponic EG-1

When used in oil-in-water lotions, Liponic EG-1 exhibits superior moisturizing properties compared to placebo lotions.

The figure shows the measured values from the SkinLab™ Humidity Conductance measurement. Measurements were performed on the forearms of 10 panelists, and the changes in moisturizing properties over time were measured in areas where placebo lotion and lotion containing 5% Liponic EG-1 were applied.

Improved Foam Quality in Sulfate-Free Surfactant Formulations

Images compare the performance of surfactants formulated with equal amounts of Liponic EG-1 and glycerin.

Sulfate-free cleansing surfactant systems (such as shampoos) are known to have low foaming properties and coarse foam density, whereas formulations containing Liponic EG-1 show improved foam volume and foam density.

Evaluation of Liponic EG-1 in a Sulfate-Free System

Figure 1 is a panelist evaluation of a sulfate-free shampoo. A formulation containing 3% Liponic EG-1 and a control formulation without Liponic EG-1 were evaluated. Many items have been shown to improve with Liponic EG-1, including wetness, smoothness, combability, and dry time.

Body wash:
Figure 2 shows the panelist evaluation in the hand washing test. Foam volume, appearance and feel are compared. A sulfate-free body wash formulation was compared with the same formulation in which glycerin was replaced with an equal amount of Liponic EG-1. Many of the panelists gave positive feedback to formulations using Liponic EG-1.

Detailed Explanation

Long-lasting moisturizing properties improve skin moisturization

Gives a smoother touch

Creates elegant bright white color tones

Improve foam volume and density

Improve feel of hair

Stable over a wide pH range

Colorant solubilization properties

Main Applications

Cream / Lotion

Sun care products

BB cream & CC cream

Facial mask and cleanser

Body wash & liquid soap


Standard Value

Item Standard value
Appearnce Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Hydroxyl value 128-138
Acid number 0-0.5
Ignition residue 0.5% or less
Heavy metals 20ppm or less
Arsenic 2ppm or less
pH 4.5-6.5

Label Name / INCI Name

Label name: Glycereth-26
Quasi-drug name: Polyoxyethylene glycerin (26E.O.)
Chinese name: 甘油聚醚-26