Liponate CCC MB

Product Name

Liponate CCC MB

A 100% natural emollient that replaces silicone oil. It has excellent skin affinity and spreads quickly, making it ideal for skin care and sun care applications.

[100% naturally derived] Emollient agent that replaces silicone oil, featuring excellent skin affinity and quick spreading

"Liponate CCC MB" is an emollient ester with a feel similar to that of silicone, especially low-viscosity dimethicone.

It has a structure that minimizes the ratio of long chains compared to conventional (caprylic/capric) coconut alkyl.

- Characteristics -

Skin care: Light touch, skin penetration, alternative to dimethicone
■Effect on skin: Moisturizing
■Make-up: Pigment affinity, high diffusibility, excellent make-up removal power
■Sun care: Compatibility with UV absorbers, etc.

- Applications -

■Skin care
■Sun care
■Make-up, etc.

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