Silk Sericin (Silves Undiluted Solution)

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Silk Sericin (Silves Undiluted Solution)

- For silky and gentle skin -

Silves undiluted solution, which was born in Echizen Ono, Fukui, which is rich in nature, is a silk extract (sericin) extracted from 100% domestically raised silkworm cocoons.
It conforms to the hydrolyzed silk liquid of the Japanese Standards of Ingredients, and has passed the safety test. Silk is lustrous and has been popular as a cloth product for a long time, but silves undiluted solution keeps skin healthy by moisturizing and moisturizing. The silk reeling work represented by the Tomioka Silk Mill, which is a World Heritage Site, used to be a harsh working environment because you had to grab the cocoons that were boiled with your bare hands. However, there is a legend that melted silk (sericin) covered the hands and protected them.

- What is hydrolyzed silk liquid -

In order to become an adult, silkworms spit out a thread (raw material for silk thread) and make a cocoon. Silk extract is obtained by extracting this, and the one standardized by the Japanese Standards of Foreign Genesis (2006) is called hydrolyzed silk liquid.
The only applicable criterion is that the N number is within 0.015 to 2%.
In the non-applicable item, the color and smell are set that it is yellowish brown and that it has a characteristic smell. The extraction method is obtained by chemically forcibly decomposing silk proteins with chemicals and hot water. At that time, a protein with a molecular weight of over 100,000 is decomposed into about 1,000 peptides, and its physical properties are degraded biochemically.

- Does silk smell bad? -

Hydrolyzed silk liquid, which has been used in the cosmetics industry for a long time, has a unique color and smell, but it was thought that it was derived from silkworms. However, this is wrong.
Silk is also a protein, so when it breaks down, it produces ammonia.
And it is quite difficult to completely remove ammonia and impurities from the extracted silk extract.
Therefore, it is actually used as a hydrolyzed silk liquid (approved by the Japanese Standards of Regulation) while still having a yellowish-brown color and a characteristic odor.

- Safe silk extract -

On the other hand, silves undiluted solution is extracted by thoroughly immersing it in alkaline ionized water with a pH of 12.5, leaving the silk proteins in their macromolecular form.
In addition, the alkaline ionized water used is the clear groundwater of Echizen Ono, which is rich in nature and has been selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan.

- Misunderstood alkalinity -

Since the skin is weakly acidic, it is said that the alkaline component has a bad effect, but this is an opinion that has no chemical basis.
For example, if you enter an alkaline source, your skin will become smooth.
This is not because the hot water ingredients stick to the skin, but because the alkaline content (pH 9-11) dissolves the proteins on the surface of the skin.
Together with the mineral content of hot springs, this phenomenon has long been loved for its effect on the skin. In addition, silves undiluted solution is alkaline with a pH of about 10 to 11, so the silk protein does not deteriorate.

- Actual applications -

It is also used by cosmetic manufacturers for similar products such as hair care products, liquid bath salts, and facial masks. The antioxidative effect of silk can be expected to inhibit the activity of thiacinase, which causes spots and freckles, so it is promising as a basic cosmetic material for skin care.
In addition, silk has been used for hair care applications for a long time, and high-molecular-weight silk proteins are entangled in the hair and have been highly evaluated for their ability to blend in.
Although it conforms to the Japanese Standards of Quasi-drugs, it cannot claim medical efficacy, but it is widely known that the silk component is effective for atopy.
Although the effect is large, it has been proven as a material that can be used safely for babies. We also accept OEM/ODM orders for basic recipes and additional ingredients.
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