PoLevanS (Natural Polysaccharide Moisturizing Raw Material)

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PoLevanS (Natural Polysaccharide Moisturizing Raw Material)

- Substitute for hyaluronic acid –

PoLevanS, a natural polysaccharide unique to Gan Shmuel Food LTD., was confirmed to "promote epidermal growth rate" in aging care (skin moisture) evaluation experiments using human skin.
  Test data: Aging care (skin moisture) evaluation   (English version)  *Japanese website
* Verified by experiments using human skin instead of mouse skin at Dead Sea & Arava Science Center's testing laboratory.
Polysaccharides are biopolymers of large biomolecules that generally exist in nature and are composed of monosaccharides linked together. Such structures provide various functions and effects in skin care applications.
Levan has been manufactured by other companies using the fermentation method. However, 10 years of research at Gan Shmuel established the enzymatic production of levan, making it possible to further control the molecular weight of the active ingredient.
The content of levan produced by the fermentation method is 1-2%, while the content of levan in PoLevanS produced by the enzymatic method is 30-35%.
・ECM (extracellular matrix) reconstitution evaluation confirmed that the higher the levan content, the higher the effect of increasing procollagen 1.
  Test data: ECM (extracellular matrix) reconstitution evaluation   (English version)  *Japanese website
・The minimum inhibitory concentrations for Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, etc. were measured. It was also confirmed that there was no adverse effect on indigenous bacteria in skin.
  Test data: Live bacteria (indigenous bacteria in skin) and antibacterial evaluation   (English version)  *Japanese website

- About Gan Shmuel Food LTD. –

Gan Shmuel Food LTD., an Israeli company, is the largest producer of citrus and fruit products in the Middle East as well as a global leader in the field. Since 1941, which is older than the founding of Israel, they have been providing world-class fruit and vegetable solutions for the food and beverage industries.
PoLevanS is one of several in-house R&D projects that are conducted to utilize natural raw materials already used by the company for new applications in diverse market segments. The company’s challenges in skin care and health food applications are established through traditional natural ingredients, innovative manufacturing technology, and scientific verification of efficacy.
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