Flush Booth Water Purifier "KKG11 Series"

Product Name

Flush Booth Water Purifier "KKG11 Series"

The "KKG11 series" by Kankyo Kaihatsu Giken Co., Ltd. is a water purifier for washing booths that can strongly deodorize and sterilize booth water in a short period of time through the sterilization and oxidation action of ozone (O3).

Strongly deodorizes and decomposes sludge without using chemicals. Substantial reduction in booth water replacement cost.

Submerge the supply pump in the booth water tank and connect it to the device with a hose.
After turning on the power, simply press the operation switch to start purifying immediately.

In addition to greatly improving the working environment by eliminating unpleasant odors,
waste volume can be reduced by reducing sludge through decomposition and promoting the recycling of booth water. Also, no medication is required.
- Characteristics -

■Easy operation to sterilize and deodorize booth water
■Sludge can also be decomposed and reduced
■Reduce booth water replacement costs
■Excess ozone is decomposed naturally, so it can be used safely
■Can be connected according to processing capacity

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- Application -

■Treated water before painting
■Pre-treatment water for plating, etc.
It is also effective in purifying treated water containing organic matter.

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- About Kankyo Kaihatsu Giken Co., Ltd. -

It is an ozone specialized manufacturer that develops, manufactures and sells ozone applied products in Kokubunji City, Tokyo.
The company is contributing to society with equipment that works effectively to improve the environment, such as sterilizing, decolorizing, and deodorizing water and air.

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