LipoPE Base G-55

Product Name

LipoPE Base G-55

What is LipoPE Base G-55

LipoPE Base G-55 is a raw material that has water dispersibility by blending a polyester resin with a moisturizer.
When applied to the skin or hair, a formulation containing LipoPE Base G-55 forms a soft, water-resistant film after drying. This film can be easily removed with soap and water.


■ Water dispersibility
■ Soft film formation
■ Improved water resistance in prescription
■ Removes easily with soap and water

Main Application

■ Make-up products
■ Mascara and eyeliner
■ Peel-off facial mask
■ Hair care
■ Styling agent
■ Liquid foundation
■ Sun care
■ Skin care
■ Make-up fixer


Label Name / INCI Name

Cosmetic label name: glycerin, polyester-5
INCI name: Glycerin, Polyester-5
Chinese INCI: 甘油、聚酯-5

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