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Using additives to enhance the fuel efficiency of automobiles as an essential mode of transportation


For many years experts have warned about the depletion of the world’s fossil fuel reserves. The development of eco-cars and the improvement of the fuel efficiency of gasoline-powered vehicles have become vital priorities.
Shima Trading offers additives that improve automobile fuel efficiency and extend the useful life of engine oil.
Shima Trading is helping to improve the environmental performance of automobiles by using numerical data to optimize ingredient designs.

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Key Person

Industrial Energy Division
Lubricants & Additives Department

He gained recognition as a scientist through years of intensive undergraduate and postgraduate university research in the field of material engineering, and through his work as a researcher employed by a paint manufacturer. In 2015 he joined Shima Trading as a mid-career hire after becoming interested in marketing. Today he makes full use of the knowledge that he gained at university and in his previous job by taking up challenges in fields that are totally new for Shima Trading.

Efficient use of fossil fuels a key step toward energy sustainability

As energy demand continues to increase, the sustainable use of fossil fuels and other energy resources has become a global priority. Alternative energy technologies are being developed and introduced in countries around the world, but none of these technologies can solve our problems overnight. That is why research efforts are also focusing on the development of technologies to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used.
 Shima Trading is working to address the need for improvements in the fuel efficiency of automobiles as an essential mode of transport for daily life. We have identified the improvement of engine oils as a particular priority from this perspective, because engine lubricants not only help to keep engines cool, but are also closely linked to fuel efficiency. Additives supplied by Shima Trading have played a crucial role in the performance of engine oils for many years. We began to develop additives using our own original formulae after realizing that the knowledge gained through this business could be used to offer new solutions.

Sustainable solutions to address specific automotive needs

The functions that engine oils are required to provide vary according to the purposes for which vehicles are used. For example, racing cars and general-purpose automobiles differ widely in terms of the way they are driven and the frequency of use. Those differences influence the type of engine oils that need to be used. We propose additives for each purpose after studying these needs with the cooperation of outside advisers.
 Environmental performance is also a priority. We are constantly aware of the need to develop formulae that will not only improve fuel efficiency, but also extend the life of engine oils. We will continue to expand our product lineup by exploring ways to propose even more sustainable solutions, such as the use of plant-derived oils as raw materials.

Key Point

Anticipating customer needs—We will build a new future for Shima Trading by opening up our own unique paths to the creation of added value.

This is the first time that we have taken up the challenge of developing our own products, and much of our work is still at the exploratory stage. However, there is a sense that we are starting to discover end user needs that would be difficult for us to perceive if we were simply selling raw materials. By increasing our opportunities to engage in development work, we aim to move away from a simple selling role by building the capacity to anticipate user needs and offer solutions. We believe that by opening up our own unique paths to the creation of added value through these efforts, we will be able to make an even greater contribution to society.
 I see my research work as the first step toward building a new future for Shima Trading, a future in which I will be able to experience a real sense of contributing to the company and society.